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Building a Culture of Innovation

How does a manager create and maintain a culture that rewards creativity. Think about what steps you might take today to reward people for being creative.

Great ideas don't always come from the executive suite. When you are looking for a new product, a new market, or an innovative business process, your employees may provide some of the answers. Furthermore, some of the great ideas might come from your customers. Don't forget to look at your competitors. Are they more innovative than you are? If so, why?

Consider the training and development program in your own company. What steps do your managers take to improve innovation skills in your work force? Do some of your people hinder innovation? If so, what will you do about it? Some companies promote innovation by building cross functional teams that include all levels of management as well as hourly workers. Some even involve clients and customers to generate discussions about new product ideas.

An innovative culture will not happen by magic. It starts at the top, and it must be nurtured throughout the organization.


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