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Coping with Change

Warehouse managers today have new challenges. Through most of the last century, we talked about management. Leadership seldom was discussed outside of the military. Today, there is general recognition that leadership is an essential quality for success in warehousing as well as many other businesses.

Ethical behavior is not a passing fad, but in the wake of Enron and Bernard Madoff, the presumption that business leaders will set an ethical example has been badly damaged. Honesty and ethical behavior are especially critical in warehousing, because we are entrusted with the caring of property that belongs to others.

New technology has changed the workforce. Knowledge workers have replaced box kickers, and literacy with a computer is required on the loading dock as well as the office.

Charles Darwin said it best: "it is not the strongest or the most intelligent of the species that will survive, but the ones most responsive to change."


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