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Building a Culture of Innovation

The best companies are those with a culture of innovation, and warehousing is no exception. Culture starts at the top - so you as a corporate leader can create the environment that will nourish innovative ideas.

It starts with a willingness to welcome new ideas. No idea is bad. Even if you do not choose to adopt it, the contributor should be thanked and praised for being willing to submit something that is new.

What steps do your managers and supervisors take to encourage innovation? An insecure middle manager may stifle new ideas. Have you created cross functional teams to implement creative proposals? Do the teams include hourly people as well as supervision and management?

How do you reward innovation?

We have raised more questions than answers, without apology. The most important answer is that innovation must be a cultural issue. If promotion of an innovative culture does not start at the top, new ideas may be stifled close to the bottom.


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