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Why Green Is Keen

Business executives don't often endorse initiatives sponsored by the government, and it is even rarer for them to identify with "tree huggers". For this reason, the business community's love affair with sustainability can only be explained in one way -- greening creates green. In other words, it saves money and therefore enhances profits.

Some warehouse operators have mounted solar panels on the wide expanses of warehouse roofs, occasionally generating so much power that they sell it back to the local electric company. Others have discovered new ways to heat the buildings with geothermal and other substitutes for conventional heating systems. A few warehouse companies are taking a leadership position in the use of natural gas as a fuel for both lift trucks and highway equipment.

Because warehouse operations are a relatively light user of energy, the opportunities to make a difference are limited. Just the same, as long as sustainability is fashionable, the warehouse industry is likely to remain active in green initiatives.


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