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Safety Still Comes First

So much has been said and written about safety that the subject can be deadly. After all, what can be said that has not already been heard before?

Here is a different approach that could be useful. Consider five priorities for controlling workplace safety:

Priority 1: Eliminate the source of the hazard. For example, if the floor of your warehouse has cracks or pot holes, fix them.

Priority 2: Use available technology to reduce the risks. For example, locking devices will prevent accidental movement of a highway trailer.

Priority 3: Install effective signage. Workers need to be reminded of those hazards that always exist.

Priority 4: Don't neglect training. Accidents often happen to senior skilled workers who have lost their sensitivity to hazards.

Priority 5: Be sure that personal protection tools are used. Work gloves, hard hats and reinforced shoes are just a few.

If your safety program always address hazards in the sequence shown above, the system will attract more attention and therefore get better results.


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