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The Difference Between Artisans and Laborers

In colonial America, artisans like Paul Revere put their stamp on the products that they manufactured. Today we call it a brand or a trademark, and it was the symbol that identified a craftsman who takes pride in producing distinctive items. Some observers believe that mass production and the assembly line marked the end of craftsmanship.

This need not be the case. A dedicated professional becomes an artisan by going beyond the expected and providing services that were not contemplated. This may not happen on the assembly line, but it can and should happen in many of the service jobs that are part of today's business scene.

Creative warehouse managers will convert freight handlers into skilled craftsmen, and they will allow customer service representatives to become professional artisans. When we toured a household goods moving and storage company, we were impressed by the care given by the people who packed China and glassware before it is moved. These people recognize that customer satisfaction depends on the quality of their work.

Your hourly people can be artisans, or they can just be laborers. How they feel about their value depends on your corporate culture. Developing that culture is really up to you.


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