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Which Measurements
Get Overlooked?

Nearly every business emphasizes certain goals: Improving the bottom line, growing the top line, adding new customers, and improving productivity. However there are others that are frequently neglected, such as these:

  • How do team members evaluate their leaders? Are they confident that leadership will be effective during times of crisis? Do they trust leaders to tell them the whole truth?
  • What are a few of the values most important to your business? Sometimes these are called the corporate culture. Does everyone on your team understand the culture, and do they behave in a manner that supports that culture?
  • How strong is the team spirit? Will your people recommend that their friends join your organization? Are they convinced that yours is a really good place to work?
  • How strong is customer loyalty? Some clients are just customers, but some of them may be real fans. Do you have a process in place to identify the fans and measure the degree of loyalty?


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