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Three Questions about Leadership

A few decades ago, leading business schools never considered any distinction between administration, management and leadership. Long experience as a manager may not be adequate training for a leader. As you consider the problem, find an answer to three questions:

  1. Can leadership be taught?
  2. Does everybody want to be a leader?
  3. Are you developing, within your warehouse organization, the leader who could replace you?

The military offers the best evidence that the first question is answered affirmatively. In a combat situation, the leader may be lost and an immediate replacement is essential.

We should feel fortunate that "no" is the answer to the second question, because we cannot exist without followers as well as leaders. Therefore, the assumption that everybody wants to learn more about leadership is both faulty and dangerous.

There is no right answer to the third question, but if you are not developing new leadership, the future of your organization may be threatened.


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