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Is Change a Threat to Your Job?

Consider the fact that whether you are managing warehouses or just managing your life, failure to effectively adapt to change can be a mortal threat.

As we go through life, we are all faced with biological change — moving from childhood to adolescence to maturity and old age. Some of the changes are unpleasant, but there is nothing we can do to stop them. The trick is to adapt, and to face change with confidence that we can play the game under the latest rules.

Older managers have adapted to the changing office procedures caused by email and the web. The jobs that managers do each day are different from those done a couple decades ago. When we refuse to adapt, we face the possibility that our work will be judged as irrelevant and focused in the past. Instead of complaining, remember that we all teach, we all learn, and we must do so as long as we are alive.


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