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Lean Warehousing

(A Two-Day Seminar For Warehouse Managers and Others Involved In Working With Warehouses)

Speakers: K. Ackerman and W. Sheehan

Warehousing is one of the world's oldest commercial activities, but the function is often misunderstood and over simplified. We have several products that will help you.

One is our seminar, Lean Warehousing. This program is designed for warehouse managers, supervisors and team leaders. Not all seminars are created equal, and this one has four distinguishing features:

  • If you are not satisfied with the program, the conference fee will be refunded.
  • Our case study method allows each participant to be actively involved.
  • Every participant receives publications as well as the course outlines.
  • The instructors are seasoned warehousing professionals.

When your people attend this program, you can expect them to bring back creative new approaches and ideas about managing people, improving performance, and enhancing communication skills. They will also gain new skills in enhancing customer service and quality, and they will be exposed to creative ideas in materials handling.

See a descriptive agenda of the program or information about the speakers.

Payment and site information

Payment in full is due at the time of registration. The total cost of the 2-day program is $1190 per person.

You may cancel your registration up to 5 days prior to the seminar. Your registration fee will be refunded less a $50 enrollment charge. If you need to cancel less than 5 days prior to the seminar, you may send a substitute from your organization.

Registration fee includes:

  • Continental breakfast, lunches, and coffee breaks each day
  • Written materials including seminar notebook, a subscription to Warehousing Forum, a copy of Words of Warehousing and Warehousing Profitably.
  • All seminar sessions

Participants will be responsible for making their own hotel and travel arrangements.

Conference agenda

Day One

7:30 a.m.
Registration and Continental Breakfast
Developing a Team Culture Teamwork has always been a part of athletics, but still relatively neglected in the workplace. This opening presentation explores the process of building an effective team, maintaining internal teamwork, and training.
Team Selection and Introduction Selecting a New Leader Case.
Coffee Break and
Case Discussions
Team Reports Selecting a New Leader Case.
A Quantitative Approach to Problem Solving (1) Effective warehouse management depends on information. What data should we gather and how should be analyze it? What will it tell you? How can metrics help us get more work done with less effort? How do we balance the parts?
Introduction Do I Really Want This Job? Case.
Lunch and Discussion
Team Reports Do I Really Want This Job? Case.
the Five S's
The essence of lean warehousing is sorting, setting in order, shipping, standardizing, and sustaining. This presentation will demonstrate the application of each of these in your warehouse.
Introduction Charting the Receiving Process Case.
Coffee Break
Team Reports Charting the Receiving Process Case.
A Quantitative Approach to Problem Solving (2)
Introduction and Initial Study I Can't Go Any Faster Case &
Specialty Beer Company Case.
5:00 p.m.
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Day Two

7:30 a.m.
Continental Breakfast
Team Reports I Can't Go Any Faster Case.
Eliminating Waste in the Warehouse Operation In managing the space and time that are the twin elements of warehousing, a certain amount of waste is inevitable. Waste is defined as any non-value-added activity. By identifying and reducing wasted effort, we can improve productivity at the same time. The sources of waste will be described, along with the steps that should be taken to eliminate them.
Introduction Where Can We Squeeze Some More In? Case
Team Workshops &
Coffee Break
The Role of the Warehouse in the Supply Chain Supply chain management has begun to replace logistics as the primary term used to describe the flow of materials. How does the warehouse interface with the other links in the chain? What can warehouse managers do to reduce the noise in the system by smoothing the flow and improving collaboration?
Introduction of the Last Business Case  
Lunch and Hotel Checkout
How to Get the Most out of Your WMS We will not talk about which new systems are available, but rather how to get the most out of what you already have.
Case Discussion  
Justifying Warehouse Improvements You will leave this seminar with new ideas for change. How will you sell those changes to your teammates and to your boss? How can you manage change and cope with objections and resistance?
3:30 p.m.
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