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Comments, References
& Testimonials

“Ackerman also carries the gospel of warehousing and dedicated seminars, both domestically and abroad. And he has been an assiduous promoter of the profession, co-founding the influential Warehousing Education and Research Council (WERC) and setting the agenda in a variety of leadership roles, including President of Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals.”

John Kerr
Special Projects Editor for Supply Chain Management Review

“Here is what I learned – fun is what you find when you do what you love! The observations and recommendations were excellent.”

Ken Smith, ConAgra Foods

"Thank you again for writing a text with such practical application. I’m anxious to share this reference tool with my Distribution Managers in all of our divisions within the company."

Theresa Scully, Interstate Supply Company

Auditing Warehouse Performance: "One of the nation's leading authorities on warehousing, Ken Ackerman, has just written this 30-chapter, 226-page soft-cover book which provides multiple approaches to help the reader become well equipped to audit the performance of their warehouses. The publication is divided into four sections:

  • Fundamentals of Auditing
  • Auditing Operations
  • People
  • Customer Relations

"The author's 'perspective is not only a short-run cost reduction primer,' but 'also serves as a broader outline on how to manage effectively the physical flower of products so that this process adds value to the firm and its customers,' said Bud LaLonde, professor emeritus, Ohio State University, in a foreword."

Ray Bohman writing in "Traffic News Summary"

"This book is a tool for managers, team leaders, third-party administrators.everyone from new hires to presidents. Its twelve chapters present ideas about hiring, training, safety, technology, operations improvement, facilities, layout, third-party warehousing, strategy, corporate management and career management. It closes with a series of handy checklists."

Philip Obal, president of IDII Software
in the IDII Software Newsletter

"Ackerman's new book offers a world of experience and great guidance for the new team leaders and team members in any warehouse operation."

Jesse Westburgh, Distribution Services Manager
Florida's Natural Growers

"It is rare to find so much accumulated wisdom about the warehousing industry in one place. This book presents information in a way that both the warehousing pro and the aspiring pro can understand and apply."

Bernard J. LaLonde, Professor Emeritus, Ohio State University

"Although the information provided in Warehousing Tips is outstanding and of great value to anyone involved directly with the warehousing industry, I find the format Ackerman uses to present the information to be of the greatest value. All too often, authors present important information, but construct their books in such a way as to make it difficult to go back and reference specific sections or ideas. Ackerman's approach of presenting information under easy-to-locate topical headings makes the information readily available to the manager - time and time again."

F. Douglas Reardon, President, Excel Project Management.

Following the roundtable discussion, Voicing Your Thoughts of Voice Technology, moderated by Ken Ackerman at WERC, the conference evaluations raved about the session:

Additional comments: "Best Roundtable of conference!"

"While I am not personally aware of the multiple tasks involved in preparation and distribution of Warehousing Forum, I suspect it creates a never ending pressure to be able to impart worthwhile articles and comment each month. I highlighted 'worthwhile' as the temptation exists to use valueless 'filler stuff' to fill up the four pages."

Rock Miralia, Distribution Technology, Inc.
Charlotte, NC

"One of the nation's leading authorities on warehousing, Ken Ackerman, has just written this 30-chapter, 226-page soft-cover book which provides multiple approaches to help the reader become well equipped to audit the performance of their warehouses. We give this book very high marks."

"Publications You May Want" in the newsletter of the
International Furniture Transportation and Logistical Council, Inc. on
Auditing Warehouse Performance

"Finally, a practical resource that tells how to audit warehouse performance. This valuable resource is a 'must read' and 'must have' for every warehouse manager as it not only explores the 'why' of auditing, but also explains the 'how to,' as it provides the tools needed to develop an operations audit system for the warehouse."

Inventory Management Report on Auditing Warehouse Performance

"What makes this book different from your normal warehousing text is the wealth of offbeat issues that it addresses. For example, is warehouse work a dead-end job? Do you know how investors set commercial lease rates? Answers to these and hundreds of other questions make Warehousing Tips a unique reference work."

Rama Ramaswami

"This is the most complete and practical guide for managers of warehousing operations that this writer has seen.

"Another interesting feature of this work [Warehousing Profitably: An Update] is its treatment of warehouse management and warehousing as one of the important cogs in business logistics. This update is a complete and practical guide for managers of warehousing operations. I find it easy to recommend that logistics and supply chain managers consider using the questions and comments at the end of each chapter as a guide to improving their warehousing operations."

Dr. Joseph G. Mattingly, Jr.
Review in Defense Transportation Journal
United States

"The scope of this book [Warehousing Profitably*] is enormous, covering warehouse management from virtually every angle you can think of -- including control, security, picking, and equipment. It differs from other warehousing texts in three ways: First because it focuses on cost and productivity; secondly, because it concentrates on problem solving throughout; and thirdly, because it devotes a whole section to starting a new warehouse, including warehouse relocation."

From International Distribution and Handling Review, Cranfield University, England

"Your diagnostic study was the foundation we needed to sell top management on the need to move forward on several fronts. Without your input and formal presentation, the entire project would not have gotten off the ground.

"The concepts of order tracking, truck scheduling, and a real-time location system have helped to turn our warehousing operations completely around. With you guiding us through these projects, we were able to avoid a number of pitfalls which would have cost us time and money. Your follow-up visits have helped keep us focused on the big picture."

Norwood Utter
Victory Wholesale Grocers

"In this rather concise treatment of warehousing management, the author does an admirable job in identifying the most important aspects of successfully managing a warehouse profitably. The writing style is easy to follow and, as is the habit of successful logistics professionals, the discussion presented in the book is succinct and to the point. The author does not use excessive amounts of prose to make his points."

Review by Dr. James R. Stock
Intentional Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management
United States

"Ken Ackerman, the dean of warehousing, and president of The Ackerman Company, has written a new book directed at the warehouse manager's boss. Warehousing Profitably — A Manager's Guide* helps management find out what's wrong with the warehouse and how to fix it. The book will also make it easier for the manager to get 'buy in' from higher ups when trying to set the warehouse on the right track."

From Distribution Center Management, United States

"Ken Ackerman's newest offering appears to fall into a familiar mold. However, what makes Mr. Ackerman's most recent contribution different from other books is the perspective provided by his treatment of such topics. Rather than detailing the nuts and bolts of the warehouse floor, Warehousing Profitably* encourages the reader to consider more long-term questions about how warehousing fits into an organization's goal or how to organize a warehouse's information systems."

Review by Linda Miller
Penn State University, United States.


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